Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A power chair is not a toy

My Broadway play is coming along. And, yes , it includes disability themes and of course it's a musical. It has to be.

As I'm working on my Broadway play about disability, naturally I'm revisiting some of the classic broadway shows. And I think I'm getting closer to writing songs that really will work.

How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying gave me lots of ideas. Take the song A Secretary is Not a Toy. In light of my big fluffy cat's tendency to boisterously jump up on my powerchair from over my shoulder, landing on the joystick and sending us both on a wild ride, I easily came up with :

A power chair is not a toy
No, my boy Not a toy
So do not go jumping for joy, boy.
A power chair is not . . .
A power chair is not . . .
A power chair is not a toy.

A power chair is not to be
Used for a landing zone.
Be good to the joystick, boy.
Remember no matter what
Neurotic trouble you've got
A power chair is not a toy.

It's a highly specialized machine
Of parts - like a nut and a screw,
A fine and sensitive machine
To serve the disabled, not you.
So remember - a power chair is not a toy."

It's coming along.

Although perhaps I should have written about how a reacher is not a toy....


goldchair said...

I'd like to hear a little bit from Chorus Line. But this was good.

Elizabeth McClung said...

This is a good theme - is there a shortened version for PSA commercials?

Ruth said...

LOL! Most definitely - but I'm thinking just the chorus with a video of Buddy landing on my lap as we wildly careen into the kitchen counter - a picture is worth a thousand words...