Saturday, June 30, 2007

Read it and weep - or laugh

This is really no more than a few observations about my blog - and blogging.

To date I've had over 33,000 visitors to this site.

This blog will be a year old next month.

I've put up 1345 posts so far.

I"ve had to moderate fewer than a dozen comments.

I've met (and continue to meet) hundreds of great people I never would have met otherwise.

No one seems to like my posts about my cat but I put them up anyhow and everyone tolerates them. Politely.

I receive email on a daily basis from allies and people with disabilities who enrich my life.

The generosity of the human spirit is revealed in many of the comments to my posts - as folks reach out in community to each other.

I cry when I get emails from kids who are bullied because they are disabled.

I started writing this blog because I wanted to make the world easier for my nephew who is also disabled by promoting inclusion.

I continue writing this blog because I met many other people also working toward inclusion.

My nephew probably cares more about going to the movies with me rather than about me writing this blog.

I enjoy reading other blogs more than writing my blog.

I don't think Sr. Mary Martha is really a sister. But I'll bet she has a ruler.

I've never written this blog on the road. But I will someday if someone will carry my laptop. If I do I will no longer have a laptop but a doorstop.

My secret ambition in life was to be a sportswriter after I received my grandfather's typewriter from World War I in a handy carrying case.

I wanted to write novels so badly as a kid I taped conversations and listened to the way people talked to improve how I wrote dialogue. I lost several tape recorders while going through this phase.

As a result of all my experiences, I'm writing a book about inclusion and it's almost half done. I haven't shown it to a soul. I suppose I'll have to get over that at some point.

My book will be dedicated to my nephew and all of our children as they live and work toward inclusion in their daily lives.


goldchair said...

Sr. Mary Martha definitely has a ruler, I've read her blog!

bob said...

Has it been almost a year? I've really enjoyed your blog.

betterolls said...

I loved the part about taping conversations and losing the tape recorders. I also enjoy your blog. Keep blogging!

Seeker said...

I am continually puzzled by Sister Mary Martha. Most of the time I think she is not really a nun - but other times I wonder if she is. Either way, she is a feisty lady, for sure!!!!