Saturday, June 30, 2007

Pistorius to race Olympic champ on July 15

[visual description: Oscar Pistorius, a double amputee, is shown running in a recent race. He is wearing a green body track suit.]

Officials will use the race results to see if Pistorius, who is a double amp who uses prosthestic legs to run, has an advantage. Pistorius was quoted as saying that 90 per cent of his races are against able bodied runners in local events. However there is still concern that because of his "blades" as he calls them he will have an advantage.

"Pistorius said his success against similarly equipped opponents was an indication that he did not gain undue assistance.

“If my blades are helping me unfairly, then why aren’t they giving the rest of the 70 percent of disabled athletes who use the same equipment the same advantage,” he said."


A recent court ruling went against Tatyana McFadden, a Paralympian wheelchair racer who wanted her track results at high school meets to count toward a team total.

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