Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Let's give him a dis-humanitarian award....

Clint Eastwood is being awarded the first humanitarian award by the Motion Picture Association of America - the Jack Valenti Humanitarian Award - which I just read about on the DisStudies blog at Temple U. (Click above for link).

After his contribution (Million Dollar Baby) to the movie industry's year of killing off quads (along with The Sea Inside), I just can't see how he qualifies for a humanitarian award. (If you're interested, you can find my movie review of Million Dollar Baby that appeared in Godspy conveniently located at the top of the Catholic links section on my blog. )

Then, as Penny Richards reminds us, there's his ADA violations. Ad nauseam.

I hereby nominate him for a dis-humanitarian award. That kind of sums up his attitude toward "dissing" those of us with disabilities and "DIScounting" our value , worth and dignity by assuming that our quality of life sucks.

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UltraCrepidarian said...

I left that movie furious. Fuming. Raging. It almost sucked me in with that stupid fairy-tale trickster story. It reminds me of the "Cider House Rules", which is a Pro-Abortion fairy tale. It's funny how they show the family wanting her to die, so they can have her money, and the idea is she wants to die because she's "lived enough". Like there's nothing of value to live for, once you've fought in a big ticket fight? Come on, Clint! :-)