Monday, March 30, 2015

Give Scott a Lift!

 From the GoFundMe page:

"As you have likely heard by now, on New Year’s Eve our dear friend and colleague, Dr. Scott Rains, was diagnosed with two neurological masses known as glioblastomas in his brain. The onset of this disease has severely changed his active life traveling the globe promoting inclusive tourism.


Scott has given so much to the world of inclusive travel, and had an impact on so many of our lives.... I’m asking you to join me in helping Scott out at this challenging time. Now is our chance to show our gratitude and love for Scott by helping him make his life and home more comfortable with the health-related support and assistive devices he needs at this time.

Please join me by making a contribution today. All gifts are welcome, no matter the amount. On behalf of Scott and myself, thank you very much from the bottom of our hearts."

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