Thursday, November 28, 2013

On this Thanksgiving day, reflections on inclusion

Romans 8:14

14 For those who are led by the Spirit of God are the children of God. (NIV)

To those of us who seek spirituality, at some point on our journey, we recognize how important community is as part of that journey.

There are those who have sought spirituality alone by choice.  Hermits in caves. Those undergoing a dark night of the soul.

But no one should be excluded from community, especially faith communities, if they wish to belong.

I believe we are all children of God, that what we each bring is vital, important and unique.  As the Quakers say, "There is that of God in each of us".

Yet the world and the way it treats our fellow human beings doesn't always reflect that.  Many feel marginalized, disconnected from others. This is a painful way to live.

For those of us who have sought and found community, it is time to ask ourselves - how can we reach out to those who have no community, not by choice, but due to exclusion?

We can reach out to those who are not included. It's not always an attitude, but can be exclusion due to no transportation.  There are those who are home-bound and need to be reached - perhaps in part via social media along with human contact. A plate of food, an offer to bring other members over - seemingly small gestures that may be their only connection to community.

If you cherish your community, if you are grateful for it, share it with others. Find ways. Get creative.

On this Thanksgiving, as we offer words of gratitude, let's also remember that gratitude is an action .

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