Wednesday, September 25, 2013

BARD Mobile app now available

For those who are subscribed to BARD through the National Library for the Blind, an app called BARD Mobile  is now available to download books on your IOS device. It is free and can be found on iTunes.

A user guide is available online.

I downloaded the app this morning and chose a book to read.  First I added the book to my wishlist.  From there I was able to download it. It did take a few tries as the audio files are large and my IOS device is pretty full.

Once the book was downloaded, it was available to read.  I clicked on it to read it and controls similar to those on the player appeared, allowing me to control speed, tone, fast forward, go back, stop, play, etc.

I then read through the user manual, which indicates that more custom control is available through the settings of the app.  It allows users to choose whether the app plays in the background, for example, choose a font and other important features to accommodate your needs. I recommend taking a look at the user guide because not only did it explain the downloading process which is different, for example, than Bookshare, but without checking it out I wouldn't be aware of half the features the app offers.

Happy reading!

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