Sunday, May 5, 2013

What's freely given at the expo

Spent some of yesterday at the Disability Expo in Edison NJ, checking out new technology and meeting new and old friends.

I ended the day near the gated therapeutic horse area waiting while a friend went over to pick up a purchase. As I sat there, a mother pushed a little girl over who was healing from burns on parts of her head, arms, and legs.

The girl leaned forward in her wheelchair and reached a wrapped and bandaged hand toward one of the therapeutic ponies, who stood patiently, gently accepting her touch.  Gaining a bit more confidence, the little girl leaned forward even further.  Then she turned to her mom and said something.

"You want to stand up?" her mom asked.

She nodded and stood up slowly, approaching the pony.  I watched as the girl continued to interact with the pony.

And, although a second pony stood behind the first and a therapeutic counselor was nearby, offering encouragement, there was nothing - suddenly - except that connection, that vital healing touch between the child and animal.  Time seemed to stand still. It was magical.

There are many things you can get at the expo.  Some cost thousands of dollars.  Others are free.

Those are the best.

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