Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Special effects coffee spill :Life as a quadriplegic

I didn't just spill that coffee.

No, it was worthy of a special effects award. I turned the corner in my wheelchair (okay I was going fast), my swing away tray swung out and hit the wall and the coffee mug flew into the wall, spewing coffee everywhere.

It covered quite a lot of real estate- most of the five foot hallway and part of the entry into the kitchen.

Then my cat Riley decided to fully investigate and began to jump from paw to paw because the coffee was hot. My other, smarter cat Kady held back practically signalling him 'Get away from the liquid. Get away from the liquid'.

I got my quad reacher and used paper towels to soak up most of it.  My aide will be over later and can get the rest up. Which reminded me-

Oh right. Yesterday my aide told me she's moving to Hawaii in three weeks.

I'm happy for her. Really. Except that she just started the job two and a half weeks ago.

I don't spill my coffee that often, considering how none of us around here ever seem to have time to get to wheelchair maintenance and tighten loose trays, etc. and the fact that my mugs don't fit my cup holders and that I can't hold a cup of coffee.

So I'm ahead of the game statistically spilling it now. Gives me time to find another aide.

And maybe, just maybe, make time to order a mug that does fit in my cup holder.


Meredith Gould said...

Superb job with the coffee spill. "Half measures availed us nothing." Yes, I'm sitting here groaning and about to smack my head against the wall.

Beth said...

Great post! I'm new to your site. I just wrote a piece about my husband breaking a cup. He has ms. Thanks for the laugh. And will say a sort prayer for the new aide!

Ruth said...

Beth- thanks for the sort prayer and will check out your piece!

Meredith- take it easy on the wall- you own that place now :)

FridaWrites said...

I've definitely had some doozies like that. My "favorite" is turning around when the wheelchair is in more tilt than I realize and sweeping everything off the kitchen table behind me.

Oh wow, someone actually is moving to Hawaii!

Ruth said...

Hi Frida,

Too funny.

Probably just as well I couldn't afford the tilt feature, can just imagine what havoc I'd wreak with that LOL!

Frank Tetto said...

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I don't know but I think she believes she still has a job.
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