Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A reader asks....

why do I post videos and who is my intended audience?

Good question. So I'm answering it in a blog post.

I post videos for different reasons.  Some are to provide information to newly injured spinal cord folks and/or their friends and families. Others are to disseminate information to broader groups, such as when there's a new site starting up. Some videos tell the stories of people with disabilities, folks who use YouTube as a medium.

My reasons for posting videos are as varied as the intent of those who put them up on YouTube.

As far as my intended audience -  that has a broad answer as well.  Since the videos are all different and created for different audiences, so too are my postings.  I have readers who are coming over here from the disability community, from faith communities and, as we all do on public sites, from visitors.

The reason I blog is listed way up there right under the name of the blog. How I go about doing that sure can look different all the time...which is how life is too.

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