Sunday, December 2, 2012

Those little blue stripes.....

Just back home after creeping through a space barely large enough to roll through after two cars in accessible spots BOTH usurped the blue hash lines area at the bottom of a curb cut leading to a parking lot. If one had been a little further to the left or right, I would have had to go back inside, find the drivers and have them move their cars.

So... if anyone wonders what those little blue stripes are for - and this includes those who are validly using accessible parking spots - they are to be left free for access.  That access includes other disabled drivers and passengers needing room to disembark or room to get on/off sidewalks, in/out of parking areas, etc.

In other news, there were no accessible spots left but I lucked out by parking at the rear where no one blocked my ramp.  Clearly, had I been in an accessible spot with the blue lines blocked, I wouldn't have been able to get back into my van....

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frank tetto said...

Good Morning, I agree with your comments. Clearly more education on
accessible parking is needed. Also more accessible parking spots should be created. Finally, even people with valid parking stickers should consider the needs of persons who utilize wheelchairs. I do know there are many physical challenges which result in individuals having a " handicapped parking" permit, at the same time I am always amazed when I find no Handicapped parking spaces at an event, but never see anyone with a wheelchair at the event.
My name is Frank Tetto, my daughter is Maria Tetto, please Google her name. I have been trying to reach you via email to no avail. There are many issues I would like to discuss with you to you to create a more inclusive society. Thanks.