Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Sandy's most vulnerable victims

A letter to the editor  from  :

Editorial: Superstorm Sandy's most vulnerable victims - the poor, sick and elderly

Please read this .....  people still need help out there.....  people who lost all their food in power outages which has devastated their food budget.....people who won't get paid and can't meet their rent...people who became sick and have no money to see a doctor.... people who need basics, like clothing, underwear, blankets, medication.......people whose usual means of mobility and getting around is not available who can't get to the doctor or to the store......and here's what you can do- this is not the time to 'stand on ceremony' and hold back, as my Irish grandmother used to say -  be a good neighbor:    drop off food, offer rides, ask people what they the editorial says....

"Give money. Knock on doors. Check on people. Just like the hardest-hit towns along our shoreline, low-income people have had their lives upended by Sandy. And the onslaught’s not over yet."

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