Monday, October 8, 2012

New book: A Monk in High Heels by Brenda Keller

 I first met Brenda Keller on Virtual Abbey and have grown to know her better through her blog Peace Love Jesus and Coffee .  I'm delighted to announce that she has written a book, A Monk in High Heels, to share her spiritual journey about living a monastic life outside a monastery.

The book description reads:

A Monk in High Heels is a journey through the walls of monasteries and into the heart of God. Mixed with humor, deep spirituality, and a passionate pursuit of God, you'll leave this book knowing not only is God enough, but so are you.

Author Meredith Gould writes in her review:

"Both practical and poignant, A Monk in High Heels, will appeal equally to anyone at the beginning of a spiritual journey as well as anyone who has been on the Inward Ho trek for years. Brenda Keller is a highly visual writer whose word pictures are vivid. She writes about deep challenges to faith without getting mawkish and provides comic relief without undermining her points about how to engage more fully with God despite secular distractions.

Also worth noting: this is a relatively short book offering a quick read that's thought-provoking enough to make readers return again and again."

Brenda Keller's new book is available via 

[visual description: Above please find the book cover.  A pair of red high heels are at center.  In the background is an image of a monk in robes. The book title and text A Monk in High Heels living a cloistered life outside the monastery appears above the high heels.  At the bottom of the cover is the author's name Brenda A. Keller. ]

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