Sunday, June 17, 2012

What being a Dad is about...

A lovely post on Father's Day over at Midlife and Treachery called A Father's Night on Hiram Hill.

A story about an  father with alcoholism and a daughter with cerebral palsy, a car that broke down on a snowy night and a long mutual climb up an icy hill - a climb that seemed impossible and might have been, if not done together.

And a message worth repeating:

"... he did what had to be done…a night in that car would have been worse than that scramble…a flash of caretaking in the middle of his alcohol driven irresponsibility…
So even if your Dad isn’t perfect, or is no longer with you, as my father is not.
Dust off some of the times he did right by you…dust them off and look at them on this father’s day, and they’ll illustrate what being a Dad is about.
Celebrate Dad."

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