Monday, June 4, 2012

A rainbow for Roz

Last night I met my friend Sue's new guide dog, Roz. Oh and there were three other humans with us, including Sue.

Roz came right over to me and put her head in my lap. I know not to pet a working guide dog but I couldn't resist telling her what a beautiful girl she is! She's a large German shepherd with great big eyes and a caramel coat with distinctive dark markings. Roz is absolutely perfect for Sue, who loves to take very long walks. She's gentle, very obedient and strong.

After her very polite greeting of me, we proceeded to roll through the raindrops of a thunderstorm into the restaurant. We found Roz  a roomy, comfortable place to stretch out.

As we sat in the restaurant, we saw a beautiful rainbow light up the sky right before twilight.

 I felt it was a fitting tribute for our new companion.

[Image description: The rainbow is pictured below, in a photo taken by my nephew.]

Photo by Daniel Busch
All Copyright Reserved

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