Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Into every life, some rain must fall...

Last night during the #chsocm chat, rain began to pour through one of my open windows.   I watched as it started to drench my bed, the sheets and blankets looking increasingly unwelcoming.

I know, as a quadriplegic, that trying to close a window is almost physically impossible.  Nevertheless, I rolled over and tried to shut the window. Several things happened.

I got wet.

The window came down a tiny bit.

And I began laughing.

I was laughing at myself because I knew closing that window wasn't likely to happen, but there I sat, soaking wet, giving it a shot. It was a good laughter, not the self deprecating kind.

I laughed because it didn't really matter whether that window stayed open or shut. The rain would eventually stop. Everything was already wet. But why not give it a try? Why not use some leverage rather than sitting there thinking "Oh, I can't do that".

Because maybe I can find a way to do it. And it felt good to get that window down just a tiny bit.

The sheets and blankets will dry. My clothes will dry.  No damage done.

No reason not to laugh, at myself, at the situation, even at being a quad in a thunder storm with rain pouring in the windows. 

I laughed out of a sense of perspective.

It's all in the leverage, in the approach, in the way we try to do things , sometimes even in the attempt - whether we're quads or not.


Claudia said...

I like your attitude. :)

Dana Marshall/DanaWheels said...

:) Why didn't you call someone to come close the window?

Ruth said...

It was too late to call anyone. Ack, just water :) take care, Dana