Sunday, May 6, 2012

Disability Expo 2012

Was able to visit the Disability Expo yesterday in Edison NJ.  Found a lot of new vendors and items since I was there several years ago.  I haven't tried these products and didn't get samples/demos, so I can't vouch for them, but it'll give you an idea of a few I found interesting for readers.

Cell handle This is a one finger or thumb holder that attaches to a cell phone, iPod touch or other small gadget. This appeared to be quite durable and the vendor told me the system was tested to safely hold up to nine pounds which far exceeds the weight of any gadget.

e-Handle is a larger velcro holder that extends over your hand for an e - reader
 EZ Cell Holder - this is a fairly affordable product with universal design features to hold gadgets of all kinds via a velcro system . Base pads can  be placed where you charge your phone, on a car dashboard, wall, PC monitor, kitchen cabinet, etc.

HDS Medallion - wheelchair bags, ladies! These make great gifts. I fell in love with a paisley pink bag that was irresistible but I resisted! Very pretty and versatile bags which appear to be well made in fashionable designs with adjustable length straps for walkers, wheelchairs, medical scooters and power chairs or as a shoulder bag.  order at        If you order certain bags like the Espresso Flower Shower shown above (permission obtained to use image) , the company donates $7 to the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation

Backbones - an organization providing mentors for newly injured spinal cord folks , nationally based

Indoor Rower by Concept 2 - tried this out with my quaddy hands in cuffs and was amazed at how relatively inexpensive this item is compared to other exercise items I've seen.  (The seat would need modifications for those without good trunk control and paralysis or other conditions).   800-245-5676

Riding with Heart     Hunterdon Equine Assisted Recreation and Therapy offers numerous kinds of programs for those with disabilities and/or working through life issues. The program
offers equine assisted learning, equine assisted psychotherapy, Mommy & Me, Special Olympics equestrian team, autism social skills group, therapeutic riding lessons  and an inclusive summer camp experience , certified PATH Intl therapeutic riding instructors and properly credentialed therapists , for those with autism, ADD, Downs syndrome, cerebral palsy, spina bifida, Developmental delays, spinal cord injuries, and  depression and bereavement . This video explains the program more   

This nonprofit truly deserves support if anyone out there can do that!  

HomeFreeHome - volunteer architects who design barrier-free homes for free or low cost based on income qualifications for those with permanent physical disabilities that restrict daily living activities.   516-883-0403

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