Thursday, April 12, 2012

Shocking video of school torturing disabled student released

On Tuesday, a video showing Andre McCollins, a disabled student, being shocked at JREC was shown in court . He was shocked 31 times over a seven hour period in a single day for refusing to take off his coat. He is described as being "catatonic" on a visit three days later with his mother Cheryl who is suing.

The video, from a classroom camera, had been sealed eight years ago.

A description of the video can be found at MyFox/Boston and follows.

Andre is shown seated at a desk inside a classroom as a staff member asks him several times to remove his coat. He stays still, apparently not responding or removing his coat, until he is given a shock.

He screams and falls to the floor, yelling as he tries to hide under his desk. He was eventually restrained face-down, a helmet on his head, without breaks for food, water or the bathroom.

The video below is graphic and should only be viewed with that in mind.

Graphic video of teen being restrained, shocked played in court:

Further testimony taken yesterday included an expert who stated that the shock treatments harmed the autistic teen.

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Shut this school down!