Sunday, April 29, 2012

The real action

    Sorry for the Blog Lag. As much as I enjoy blogging, tweeting and keeping up with all things social media, 3D life is more than a parallel universe providing material to me. It's all about faith. The logistics are simply details.
    The other night a truck careening through the Midwest carrying a donated wheelchair I arranged to be sent to a kid out west lost touch with the person making the delivery arrangements - me. I, Wheelie catholic, was busy with my day job. I finished what I was doing in the office and realized that out there was a Wheelchair Gone Rogue. I didn't have the truck driver's phone number, nor did he have mine. But he knew I had a blog with an email attached to it. Long story short, let's just say he found me just as I was wondering what to do and he was very glad to find out where to drop off the wheelchair.
    I had a good laugh at the whole situation. The real action is about people. A wayward trucker on a dark road. An extra wheelchair. A little boy who needs a chair. It's about helping each other out, connecting, sharing resources and muddling through what sometimes is an unfair system where equipment, care and/or a multitude of needed objects and people pass by each other, not realizing that a connection might help each other.
    Got a box of extra gloves? Have an unwanted pair of crutches or walker sitting around? A relative who passed away leaving medical equipment? Donate it. Share it. Pass it on.
    People are hurting. We live in a climate where we're frantic about SSI insurance funds running out, where claims for wheelchairs are denied, where folks go under financially piled under medical bills, choosing between food and new wheelchair tires. Like the Allegory of the Cave, we need to look at things from a new perspective and let in what may seem to be an ironic thought, albeit a spiritual one - There is Enough. Connecting it all is often the real problem. Not sharing. Not giving what each of us can. Not opening our minds to solutions. If we can change those negatives to positives, if we can start making things real, there will be less want. Not perfectly done, because we are human, but better.
    I believe that is the faith part. The spiritual part.

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