Thursday, April 14, 2011

All you kids out there...

When I spoke to my nephew about peoples reactions to his scooter, I told him what I've learned.

Some folks will be considerate and reasonable. Some will not. I advised him to live his life to the fullest anyway.

I write this blog for him and other kids living with disabilities. My nephew asked me to.

There should be a place, he said, where people can go and see what it's like to live with a disability. I told him I would try to do that here in this space.

Sometimes it's a challenge. Should I write about asking for accommodations and being met with sarcasm or downright hostility? If so how do I balance those experiences with all the positive parts of my life? How do I express the joys and the love I've witnessed as well?

I can only speak for myself..... but I think of him as I write too. Hanging onto the wheels of my chair as he tried to stand up, sitting in my lap, singing Weezer on the car with me on the way to church. And now, becoming a young man.

He lives with disabilities too, boldly and without compromise. He never needed my permission or even advice to do that. He had it in him all along.

And he would want me to say to all of you that you kids, no matter your age, out there do too.

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