Tuesday, February 22, 2011

"I felt it shelter to speak to you"

I have a few links to share about the importance of people with disabilities being heard.

In this blog post, Whose Voice Should Be Heard? its author includes links to blogs by folks with autism and discusses the issue of a mom speaking on behalf of her autistic son. Feel free to leave your comments over there and join in a discussion.

Pentimento Magazine
via its site:

The word "pentimento" refers to seeing beyond the surface.

Through art, photographs, essays, stories and poetry, Pentimento Magazine will ask its readers to see beyond disabilities and physical challenges, to see the ways in which we are all connected, and to find in our pages a sense of what the poet Emily Dickinson wrote, "I felt it shelter to speak to you".

The magazine cover will feature artwork by a disabled child or young adult. Each issue will include a section devoted to writing by readers on various topics, an unedited first-person perspective piece, essays, poetry, photographs and disability-related quotes.

Submissions may be by a disabled individual or an individual who is part of the community such as a family member, educator, therapist, etc.

h/t to Jennifer Fitz

And here's a link to my blog A Different Light with poetry and short stories.

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