Saturday, February 12, 2011

And chocolate too!

Some of you know that my laptop has been nicknamed Lazarus because it's come back to life so many times. Meredith kindly sent me her laptop as she's upgrading and I'm so thrilled to get it. It came today via priority mail and I was waiting by the door.

"It's heavy", said the mailman.

It's not heavy, it's my laptop...well anyway....

The box was covered with Jesus tape, as you can see in the photo. I've even provided an up close look at it. And Meredith included York peppermint patty chocolates too!

Am looking forward to doing lots of writing on it. Thanks so much, Meredith.


Brenda said...

Love Meredith. Jesus tape? Yes only her. Enjoy!

Ruth said...

Thanks Brenda :)

Anonymous said...


Your blog never ceases to surprise.

Sometimes you stun me with the amazingly bad-crazy tales you seem to attract. Sometimes you delight me with all the wonderful-good stuff you find. But Jesus tape? I had no idea. No idea. :-).

Very groovy.

Ruth said...

LOL life is never dull around here!