Thursday, December 23, 2010

Radio show on Glee

I was listening last night to a discussion by disability advocates and artists about the controversial treatment of disability in Glee . The discussion went beyond the casting of a non disabled actor for a wheelchair using part. it was well worth listening to. Here's the link.

Participants emphasized that myths a d assumptions about disability continue to be perpetuated in the popular show. Instead of using the show as a vehicle to turn this negativity around another generation is being honed on plots that include ablest notions. For example the Christmas show portrayed walking and a cure as every disabled persons wish. The plots include Artie wanting to play football, wanting to dance and do other things but never deal with the fact that sports and dancing are done by people in wheelchairs. Rather Artie is portrayed as depressed because he can't do these things.

It's a real slap in the face to those of us who live with a disability to see this kind of thing week after week. It completely ignores our disability culture and reinforces old and backward notions about disability.


T.K. Small said...

Thank you for listening and posting your thoughts about The Largest Minority Radio Show.

T.K. Small, co-host/co-producer

Ruth said...

Thanks for stopping by, T.K. Wish you a happy holiday season.

imfunny2 said...

While one of my impairments does depress me, merely being in a wheelchair isn't one of actually has so many upsides.

Now, if I make it out to a play, a film, the malls, even a possible future vacation...It's amazing how Not Tired I get. When I was on crutches, even when I was thin, tired showed up quickly,

Ruth said...

Definitely need to have more positives put out there about using a wheelchair and living with a disability! Happy Holidays