Sunday, October 31, 2010

Mobi-Chairs: Wheelchairs that Float

So today I have time to blog about floating wheelchairs, called Mobi-Chairs, that allow folks to go over the sand and into the water. Very cool. I saw links to articles about these and wanted to share a video (below) and a link to an article.

Update: A reader emailed to ask if these are available for purchase. I did find them for sale here. Please feel free to leave any other links about where they can be purchased in the comments.

Disaboom also has an article about four beach wheelchairs which you may want to check out.


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I donated $150 to your tip jar. I hope you can get a thermostat that works for you now. Nobody should be cold in winter.

Ruth said...

That's very generous and kind of you. It'll make winters much easier. Thanks so much.