Friday, August 27, 2010

Dueling iPod Touches

It was a busy week around here.

My youngest nephew is reading the Iliad on his iPod touch. Every now and then he shakes his head and says "Another guy is going to make a speech!"

I asked him if it was okay to write about his summer reading on my blog. He shrugged and said "Sure."

He uses his iPod touch as an assistive device too. We compare apps. He tells me about free games. I tell him about free apps like Evernote so he can sync notes to his computer. Today he mentioned that he found some educational apps. I was all excited about that, but calmly told him to write them down if any were useful.

He used his iPod touch to take notes. I reminded him about Evernote and he gave me the same look he had on his face when the guy made too many speeches. He just used the app called Notes.

Fine by me.

He's going into high school. (Can you believe that? Of course you can. I'm the one who remembers him sitting in my lap in my wheelchair.) He toured the place yesterday. It's so big they call it a campus. It has a pool, performing arts center and fitness center and three floors of hallways to get lost in. I got lost in high school my first day with just one floor. No basement even. But he's got a map and says his older brother showed him where everything is.

Guess there isn't an app for that - yet.

We are both using many of the same free apps, such as Stanza and Kindle (for reading books), Dragon Search and Dragon Dictation (voice apps), wi-fi finder and battery magic.

Here are some more Back to School apps I found. Just happened to notice Evernote is on there.

Oh, don't give me that look....


Greg said...

good ideas

Meredith Gould said...

Totally delightful post. My high school (one floor) also seemed SO big and labyrinthine, but didn't take me long to Own the Halls! Mostly, Study Hall.

Ruth said...

thanks, Greg.

LOL Meredith. Ah yes study hall! They still have something like that, but it seems they run high school more like a junior college now with lots more freedom to get kids ready for college. Makes sense.