Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Wheel Deal : New to the Blogroll

Go check out The Wheel Deal , a new blog I found via Twitter. The author writes:

How many blogs are out there written by females ages 18-25? I’m guessing hundreds, if not thousands. So why is this blog any different? This is the true, sometimes gut wrenchingly honest account of a 21 one year old, who seems pretty normal other than the fact she’s been in a wheelchair her entire life. See I was born with a genetic neurological condition that keeps the nerve impulses sent from my brain to reaching the muscles in my legs. In layman’s terms that means the messages that my brain sends to my legs don’t actually there, so in turn my leg muscles don’t do anything. I thank the Lord everyday that I was born this way, that I wasn’t made disabled after having lived a normal life. I’d much rather not know what it’s like to run and jump than to know and have it taken away from me. To me this handicap is just part of who I am.

There's the introduction and this new blog has great posts. I loved the post about My Life as a Shopping Cart, not to mention Surrendering to Charlie, a wonderful piece about the author using a power chair at college. So go on over and say hello.

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