Sunday, January 31, 2010

Day in Washington blog

The blog Day in Washington is a must read for many reasons, including that it provides current disability policy information, but it's getting even better. Day will be featuring blog posts from experts and is looking for advocates who would like to do that.

Because of increased interest in this blog and podcast and a widening of our audience, I am encouraging individuals interested in acting as guest bloggers to contact me about potential publication on Day in Washington. I make no promises that I will post your article, but there are so many wonderful advocates out there doing amazing things that can and do impact disability policy, I think it is important to be able to offer a forum for that to be highlighted. Never fear though, Day in Washington will continue with its history of strong legislative analysis of disability policy; and I look forward to many more years of providing this service to the community.

So go on over to get more information. (For a good laugh, you can also see the video Wheelchair Werewolf- bwa ha ha!)


Joe Avella said...


Glad you like Wheelchair Werewolf! Thank you very much for sharing it.

Joe Avella

Wheelie Catholic said...

It was very entertaining- thank *you*!