Thursday, November 19, 2009

Wheel Life: Wheelchair Dancer and Wheelie Catholic Meet Again

There she was - Wheelchair Dancer at the train station with me in my van, unable to get out because the station has no van access parking. So I call her and ask

"Are you here -at the train station?"


"Because I'm right behind you - in my van!"

She turns around, smiles, waves and rolls over.

We hit the mall. There is a dare, but I'll let her tell you about that.

Wheelchair Dancer dances in her manual chair, even while she's pushing through a mall. And I cavort in my power chair, zipping in and out of the crowd, Wheelchair Dancer behind me, by my side, slightly ahead saying "Oh I'll let you lead" as the Beast parts rows of bodies like Moses going through the Red Sea.

We land in an elevator in Macy's, with Wheelchair Dancer in one corner, me in the other. I look at her and we burst into laughter. "And in this corner," I say, imitating a boxing official, "we have..." She laughs again. The other passengers hold the door for us. We both back out of the elevator.

Wheelchair Dancer takes off in a burst and I follow, smiling.

Shopping with someone else in a wheelchair is such fun. Being with others in our disability community is - priceless.


Matthew Smith said...

Sounds fun! Kind of like a female version of Chris Colwell and his buddies zooming round the Toys R Us. I love his videos.

Wheelie Catholic said...

It was fun! I love Chris' videos of his friends too.

Wheelchair Dancer said...

Yeah, it was -- the best kind of fun.