Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A wheelchair as appliance

Evelyn Neuhaus discusses attitudes toward wheelchairs (and their users) that she encounters in this video.


Katja said...

Very nice - thanks for posting this. Does Evelyn Neuhaus have a website that you know of?

Wheelie Catholic said...

Hi Katja,
Not that I know of. (Maybe someone else will).

She does a wonderful job in this video of explaining so many things!

Amy said...

Thank you for this! I posted it to my FB page...Ms. Neuhaus makes so many great points that I've always wanted to make to SO many people! And I just LOVE LOVE LOVE John Hockenberry. The Leonard Cohen music at the end is a great touch. ;-)

Wheelie Catholic said...

Amy- Yes the John Hockenberry appearance in there is very cool. Have a great day.