Saturday, October 17, 2009

The other balloon boy

I found a story on BBC last evening about a five year old boy in the UK who is also a balloon boy. It says:

Charlie Castle was one of about 50 schoolchildren who released balloons during an end-of-term farewell at his school near High Wycombe in July.

The green balloon that Charlie released was found by the Queen of England while she was walking her dogs, approximately 14 miles away. The Queen wrote the boy a personal note, sending back his balloon.

There's a delightful audio interview of Charlie on the right side of the article page. Here's a link as well. In an interview, Charlie said "It was so exciting to get the letter. I was surprised my balloon had flown so far. I'm just glad that the Queen's dogs didn't eat it!"

[Photo from] shows Charlie in a blue collared shirt, holding up both his note from Buckingham Palace and his deflated green balloon.

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