Thursday, September 17, 2009

This seems appropos this morning....

As the last screw pops out of the sling of my manual titanium wheelchair this morning, this video seemed appropriate. More duct tape is in order.

Since the manual wheelchair isn't my main wheelchair any more (I use it in the house when I can to maintain some muscles for transferring), I can't afford right now to buy myself another ultralightweight one since I'm paying off my power chair. As a retired wheelchair tennis player, I know enough about my body to realize that if I stop pushing totally, it'll affect my ability to transfer, a life changing issue regarding independence. So I've been looking for a year for an affordable and used replacement light enough to push, without any luck. Any but the heavier ones just cost too much, even though wheelchairs are made of bicycle parts in reality. The heavier it is, the more unrealistic I'll be able to push it as a quadriplegic.

But hey I'll keep looking.

And here's to our health care system from The Life of E Patient Dave- We're 37:

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