Saturday, September 12, 2009

Helpful videos for new quadriplegics

Greg, who has been a C-4 quadriplegic for nine years, offers a series of YouTube videos showing the way he does things based on years of experience and trial and error. In this opening video, he introduces the series and talks about his wish to help others dealing with quadriplegia.

In this video , Greg talks about how using velcro helps him deal with remotes and keep objects he needs close by.

He also has videos about everything from making a bathroom accessible to using his computer and driving a modified van. Greg also shows how he independently puts on a shirt, brushes his teeth, shaves and washes his hair at a sink with a specialized faucet. You can find the rest of his videos here.

Thanks, Greg.


Anonymous said...

He has a lot of mobility for a C4 - some C4's can just about operate their wheelchairs with one hand and others can't even do that. Is it an area where a break produces very variable results, or is it just a case of him having an incomplete injury?

Wheelie Catholic said...

Although each spinal cord injury is different, it's true that incomplete injuries , rather than the area of the break, produce variable results.

There's more information at this link if you're interested: