Saturday, August 29, 2009

via JF Activist : H1N1 and the Disability Community

JF Activist has important information up about the H1N1 Flu and the Disability Community.

A teleconference was held this week and it was mentioned that personal care assistants and those providing direct care to people with disabilities should be vaccinated to make sure there is continuous care.

Officials mentioned that seasonal flu vaccinations will start nationwide within the next several weeks, starting September 10, with a second round to start in mid-October, when the H1N1 vaccine will be available.

They noted that H1N1 affects people differently but there are five groups more at risk: pregnant women, people with children less than 6 months old, health care emergency personnel, people between ages 6 months and 24 years, and people ages 25-64 who may be at higher risk due to chronic or other medical conditions. This totals about 160 million people.

Please take a moment to read the entire post at the above link and visit the website as a source of information.

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