Tuesday, August 25, 2009

High school students build ramp

Cross High School students used their shop class skills to build a ramp for Martin Novak, 16, who was recently paralyzed in a shooting. The ramp will give him access to his own home. His relieved mother told the reporter that she didn't have the funds to make her home accessible and she didn't know what to do or who to turn to. so she asked the high school and its students for help.

"My heart feels happy for him that these people care for him the way they do," said Novak.

All three of McGann's construction classes took part in the project. He knew the projects would have a positive effect. "It's a huge lesson for them. These young men may not see a lot of people reaching out to their community."

Their generosity is helping a former student come home to those who need him most. "I want my son home. I miss him," said Novak. via wtoc.com


Sue said...

This is a great thing, and hopefully it will make the students more aware of the needs of people around them.

Wheelie Catholic said...

I see more and more projects like this in the news lately - where high school students are stepping up to the plate, often using shop class to build ramps, etc. It's really a great way for them to help- and much appreciated by people who have no other way to get ramps.