Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Headlines that make me cringe

The stories that are covered in the media are then spread throughout Twitter with google searches. If you search the word "quadriplegic", for example, there's usually a smattering of inspirational genre stories, along with headlines that often make me cringe.

Take this one: Man pursues aviation, full life despite being quadriplegic

Despite being quadriplegic ? How's that for a back handed slap?

Then there's this story:

Quadriplegic law school grad is allowed to take bar exam

Big of them. I mean, she finished law school and all that stuff. Seems that because the state paid her bar exam fees with a check rather than a credit card, there was a tussle about it. Nothing else. But it sure sounds like she had to have permission, doesn't it? Uppity quad.

Then there are the fear headlines about living alone, like this one:

Quadriplegic targeted in Clay home invasion

That brought on about half a dozen calls from anxious friends. Thanks a bunch. Wonder what the stats are on home breakins anyway, if you broke them down according to whether people were quads or not. Bet more able bodied people get robbed. Just sayin'.

I'm going to finish my coffee and start work now. Don't tell anyone. Because they'll come up with some kind of a headline that'll ruin the whole thing.


Meredith Gould said...

How about: "Woman with Quadriplegia Mows Down Annoying AB's with Power Chair."

Bet you'd like to see that one!

Wheelie Catholic said...