Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Back to Middle School- a guest post

[This blog post was written by my nephew Danny who will be heading back to middle school soon. Thanks, Danny, for being a guest blogger!]

School - some kids have shivers sent down their spines just by the sound of that one word!

As the school year comes closer parents will be going to department stores, malls, and clothing stores to get their kids what they want.. You know what that is like - crowded aisles with small children and mothers screaming “WHAT KIND OF BINDER DO YOU WANT JOHNNY, COME ON MAKE UP YOUR MIND!” Yep, that is what it is like around here in August.

This year my classmates and I are going to a higher grade which can be very stressful for them and their parents. I am going into 8th grade which is the highest grade in my middle school. We like to call ourselves the Head Leaders at the school.

But what is really scary is kindergarten. I was scared to death when I was going to kindergarten! I didn't want to even get on the bus, but once I got to the school I had the time of my life. Kids are not going to get any sleep the night before school, especially if they are going into the High School. The High School is the granddaddy of all the schools (except colleges and universities, of course) .

So I guess I’m happy to be going to middle school – right in the middle of it all!


Sue said...

Wow Aunt Ruthie, this is awesome! Thanks so much for putting my blog up, I feel like an author now!! LOL
Love, Danny

Wheelie Catholic said...

Hi Danny,
Thank YOU for writing this for my blog. We'll do it again sometime!

Aunt Ruthie

Full Tilt said...

Hi Aunt Ruth and Danny,

Nice post! Just wanted to say hi. The new chair is great as long as I ride in a wheelie cab and don't have to worry about people taking it apart for transport...

I hope Danny enjoys this year in middle school...

Wheelie Catholic said...

Hi FT-

Glad the new chair is working out - but sorry it doesn't come apart for transport well :(

Will pass your comment along to Danny, thanks!

Sue said...


Thanks Full Tilt for leaving the comment!

Getting really anxious for school!