Saturday, July 11, 2009

Two news stories

Two articles forwarded to me via email this morning that I'm reading over a cup of coffee- talk about one extreme to the other!

Last week a high school cheerleader was accused of stealing money from a group of kids, including a girl in a wheelchair, who were selling t shirts and hats.

According to police, Steele approached the kids, started a conversation with the father of two of the children, then, when the man left, took the cash and ran. She then got into a car and drove off. Three other teenage girls were in that car with Steele. Police have not yet decided whether to charge the other teens.

Steele's mother, according to the article, offered to repay the stolen $147 if the charges were dropped, but the children's father hasn't responded, saying he wants a "lesson learned".



Out in Utah, a TV viewer donated a lift and the labor to make the Small Smiles Bookmobile accessible for all children.

Until school starts, the bookmobile will be at Lindavista Park in Syracuse every Tuesday and Thursday mornings. All children are invited to come, and it's free.

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