Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Free accessible software for computer users

There are many software resources out there that are available for free, which provide access to computers for those with disabilities. (For a great discussion of what's out there and how it's used - or not used- in the educational system, click here.)

My SmartNav stopped working this weekend. Gamers use them for hands free gaming, but I use it to move my cursor and click. Basically, you wear an adhesive dot - on your forehead, eyeglasses, the brim of a hat, your knee, etc. - and direct it at an attached external camera to control the cursor. The device is costly so it's not something I will replace immediately.

But I googled and found a program called Camera Mouse 2009, which is free and will help me out. You do need a webcam to use it, but it's easy to learn.

I was very grateful to find it and would like to pass it along to anyone else who would find such a program useful.

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