Saturday, July 18, 2009

Disability bloggers' reactions to Peter Singer's article on rationing health care

Reactions to Why We Must Ration Health Care

Peter Singer in the NY Times: Disabled Lives Worth Less Hypothetically

The 1/2 Compromise and Health Care

Being a Wally about QALYS

Shorter Peter Singer: Being Disabled Sucks, or How to Wallow in Ablism

Peter Singer and Health Care Reform

Peter Singer Applies Utilitarian Values to Your Life


FridaWrites said...

Maybe there should be a dedicated disability carnival about Peter Singer's article.

william Peace said...

Check out my blog entry at Bad Cripple.

Frida, I am torn on this idea--part of it is good but the bad side is does Singer really need more publicity?
Disability rights gets scant attention as it is.

Wheelie Catholic said...

Thanks for your comments, Bill and Frida. Will add your post, Bill.

FridaWrites said...

Maybe you're right, Bill; but I just don't want the disability perspective to be unheard if people latch on to his ideas. I doubt the disability perspective will get much representation in the general media. As Yanub points out in her blog, there's already a 2-year waiting list for Medicare when people go on disability--we're *already* on health care rationing, that's what Singer misses. I know a lot of people paying for wheelchairs out of pocket.

Thanks for the great links, Ruth.