Tuesday, July 28, 2009

4 Austin Texas clubs and restaurants face ADA lawsuits

The Texas Civil Rights Project has filed four ADA lawsuits over lack of compliance with the law and access issues. Other establishments, like the Travis County Expo Center , Ironworks Barbeque and Habaneros Mexican Cafe have either settled their suits or complied, but now offer more access.

The Subway restaurant at Congress and Oltorf, Evangeline Cafe in South Austin, Submerged nightclub and La Zona Rosa, a popular concert venue, have each been sued for accessibility issues that plaintiffs say are out of compliance with the ADA. The lawsuits were filed on Monday. The establishments have not been served yet.

La Zona Rosa's box office has a ramp leading up to it, followed by a step down just before concert goers get to the ticket window.


FridaWrites said...

Austin, inaccessible? Who'd a thunk? ;)

Wheelie Catholic said...


FridaWrites said...

I did an assessment of my own city during a short drive today and also did so last week--as a passenger in my car. Even in my car culture suburban area, there's a lot that's inaccessible. Whole neighborhoods without curbcuts. I estimate that I can't get into about 50% of businesses.

Wheelie Catholic said...

A few friends and I have worked on improving sidewalks and curbcuts here, which has helped, but you're so right - it's true that our car culture adds to a lack of accessibility re curbcuts. Businesses have taken a lot longer.

sd said...

They should have a law suit on there hands.
Keep us updated

Wheelie Catholic said...

I will. Thanks for stopping by :)