Tuesday, June 30, 2009

WordQ SpeakQ software demo

I'm trying out a 30 day demo for the WordQ SpeakQ software , which includes a speech recognition feature along with word prediction . I found out about it at Pitt Rehab.

So far I'm very pleased with it and getting excellent results in every application. It works better with a headset microphone, but it has been working with the built in microphone on my laptop well enough to browse the web, use social media sites and blog. This is a big plus, since I don't like wearing headsets.

I tweaked the settings a bit.

1. The software has settings which allow you to leave the microphone on all of the time, although the default setting turns it off if you edit. I found the default to be annoying because I was constantly turning the microphone back on.
2. The program will read words and sentences back to you if you don't change the settings, which I did, but that's a useful feature at times and for many with other disabilities.

As Greg pointed out, the only issue is that the software costs more than dragon naturally speaking, but considering how many hours a day it would save me, it's really a no brainer decision to put it on my wish list - in front of the bath lift I need. That's how good it is.


Greg said...

I'm very glad you tried the software and thought it was beneficial. I know several people who are now using it, including myself.

Hope you're having a great day!

Wheelie Catholic said...

I am - hope you are too -thanks again!

Caitlin said...

Wheelie Catholic,

I found that I can turn the microphone on an off easily with the F8 Key. If I leave it on, it starts to pick up background noise.

F9 is the words box
F10 speech
F11 Read (speech needs to be ON for it to read)

Wheelie Catholic said...

Thanks for putting up that information- it's very helpful :)