Monday, June 8, 2009

Support Information for Pregnant Mothers of Children with Disabilities

For information about perinatal hospices,

listed on ."

Several other helpful and informative links from the article include the following:

via NCPD e-news



Jessica said...

Great links! Thanks for posting :)

Wheelie Catholic said...

Hi Jessica,
Thanks for reading :)

Edward said...

I've shared this information with Granted it's a singles site but someone there may know someone who can use this information. Or, for those who will find their "match" through CM, this information will help them to stand by their convictions to choose life if they're ever in the situation of receiving a prenatal disability diagnosis. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I'm really glad to see this - ever since I read the book Defiant Birth, I've been so aware of how much pressure there is for women to abort disabled babies while they are pregnant.

Wheelie Catholic said...

Sr. Edith - Thanks for your comment. That book is an eye opener. The pressure seems to be increasing too.

Edward-Thank you for passing it along to that site. You're right that someone might need it :)