Friday, June 26, 2009

Never Can Say Goodbye

I was working when the news broke about Michael Jackson's cardiac arrest and subsequent death yesterday. I remember Michael when he was very young and singing with the Jackson Five and when they had their TV show. But it's this song that I've always loved the most, one that was played over and over again in the quadrangles at Livingston College in Rutgers University. Livingston was an experiment in diversity back then, and the music that blared across campus was a mixture of folk, Motown, and rock. I spent a year there as an early admission prior to moving across the river to Rutgers College and never got over missing the music in the more sedate setting at Rutgers in New Brunswick.

RIP Michael.

[image description and credit: The photo above is of Livingston College in 1969 prior to its opening. Two male black students, a white female student and white administrator stand in the foreground, talking. Behind them are the dorms set in a quadrangle. A moving truck is shown toward the right as workmen unload mattresses. The photo comes from Rutgers Through the Years website at and you can view a timeline here. ]

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