Sunday, June 28, 2009

If only Buddy had opposable thumbs...

And so I get emails asking me when I'm going to write about the backup aide.

Forget it. I want to.

There are a few logistical problems going on. Nothing those of you who have aides haven't seen before. You know how when you hire people they fudge answers to questions - and don't tell you they need to smoke every fifteen minutes? That's a bit of a problem when you're a quadriplegic around second hand smoke, even when the person smokes outside, if the windows are open in the summer. Or that because they don't have a car they expect you to be their taxi cab? Or they run out of money and need x,y, or z and have to borrow some for this or that and forget to repay it? Heck, if I had extra money I'd be putting it toward hiring someone more experienced.


In the meantime, the good news is that around this aggravation, I've managed to stay productive , although I have lost sleep trying to juggle things. And I have a cough, but it's getting better the more the smoke dissipates. It comes and goes, like many other things.

I thank Meredith for her assistance in this process as we find backup help. And Buddy, my cat, who ultimately would be the best solution for backup help if only he had opposable thumbs.


Greg said...

I hope things get easier soon!

Wheelie Catholic said...

Thanks , Greg. Appreciate it.