Thursday, June 11, 2009

Higher utility bills? You're not alone

At least on the East cost.

Thanks to the vagaries of Mother Nature this year, my friends and neighbors are being hit with unexpected higher utility costs. If you're on an equalization payment plan, these accrue and are due in June. Most seem to owe between 350 or more dollars than last year.

Funny thing is that when the bill came in, a friend told me that he thought he was the only one affected by it. (I had a heads up because Meredith got hers first). I was thinking about how often that's a reaction we have, but I bet if I took the time to go up and down my block I'd find a lot of others in the same boat.

One thing you can do is call the utility company and check to see if the bill is actual or estimated (i.e. whether a real meter reading was done.) If you can't find the code, call the billing department and have them help you locate it.

This comes at a really bad time for many people, so although I know it's off topic I wanted to share that bit of information.

A bit of blogging trivia - I somewhat broke the quote key on my laptop with my assistive device which I was using since my voice recognition wasn't working properly, so if you see posts with inconsistent quote marks or creative ones Ive invented , please dont assume Ive lost all the grammar the Sisters of St. Joseph drummed into me.


FridaWrites said...

I empathize. Some of my keys don't work well--I miss the letter n a lot--had to hit it 3x to get it just ow--now.

Wheelie Catholic said...

Aw, I'm sorry. That's even worse with a letter. Mine usually works after I hit it three times too at least.