Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Stuff like this

Not sure why agencies that provide care assume we don't work or have our own schedules.

No one confirmed a back up arrangement (asked for ten days ago) for tomorrow mid day so my aide had to call and was told they were waiting to call me today since yesterday was a holiday. Was calling on Thursday or Friday not an option?

As a professional, I set up my schedule in advance so their decision to wait until today to let me know made it a nightmare to try to set up what I was doing.

A real nightmare. Lots of extra work and a real turn off.

Wonder why the unemployment rate is over 70% folks? Stuff like this.


betterolls said...

Maybe they were waiting until 5pm today to let you know?

Unbelievable. But sadly -not really.

Wheelie Catholic said...

The really good thing is I have a choice and can switch agencies with one call - will see how this goes.

FridaWrites said...

They should have called you even on the weekend--this is not excusable.

Wheelie Catholic said...

They let me know around 1pm and had the wrong time of arrival, so I'm doing an early morning conference (which I moved for the third time) just to make sure it's not interrupted. Yawn. This is exhausting.