Friday, May 22, 2009

Rehab beating in Serbia caught on video

An institutionalized patient in a rehab facility in Serbia was beaten by staff. The beatings, which occur regularly as part of so-called treatment at the rehab, include the use of fists, paddles, shovels and other objects.

“In the yard, they gather the addicts in a circle to watch the ‘bad one’ get beaten. They hit him with clubs, shovels, fists, bars, belts, whatever they get their hands on,” the former patient stated.

According to him, Archpriest Peranović himself “knows how to hit, his hands are often bloody”.

“When he hits, using his arms and legs, his robe flies all over the place. He practices martial arts,” the man told Vreme

The video below shows a young man being beaten with a shovel as he lays over a bench. A staff member then punches him around. The young man is then hit in the face with a staff member's fists while another staff member restrains him.

The rehab, which was originally blessed by Archbishop Peranovic of the Serbian Orothodox Church, has "spiraled out of control" and he "gave up on the center", the article claims.

Human rights monitor Sasa Jankovic plans to file charges against the rehab facility.

An investigaion by Serbian authorities continues.


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Vorobiev said...

This case is a blatant and awful disrespect for human beings and their welfare. Serbian people hope that it will never be repeated.

There are modern and civilized drug rehab programs in Serbia like the one in specialized addiction clinic Dr. Vorobiev.