Friday, May 22, 2009

Health Care Reform and the Disability Community, an article by Ari Ne'eman

This article deals with many issues involved in health care reform as it affects those with disabilities and is a "must read" for all of us. Here's just an excerpt:

Right now, the main obstacle to LTSS reform is the bias in Medicaid long term care policy which reimburses states for costly and segregated institutional care but makes it extraordinary difficult to use the same money to support adults in the community instead. A person who uses a wheelchair or an adult with a developmental disability such as autism or Down Syndrome can get the government to pay for a costly institutional placement with low quality of life, but often must spend years on a waiting list for far less expensive services, such as attendant care that could keep them in their home or their family's. The abuses that take place within nursing homes and institutions are well documented and are truly shocking. This situation benefits nobody but lobbyists for the nursing home/institutions industry, which has been quite active in opposing reform on this issue.

The Senate Finance Committee has recognized the need for some action on LTSS, but so far has only recommended limited reforms like increasing the federal Medicaid reimbursement for Home and Community Based Services by 1%. The real answer can be found in the Community Choice Act, which would add a benefit to Medicaid that would require states to allow people who meet an institutional level of care to instead control their own supports while choosing to live at home or with their families. President Obama won kudos from the disability community by supporting the Community Choice Act during his campaign, but since then the White House has signaled that this issue will not be considered as part of health care reform. The Community Choice Act should be properly considered a civil rights issue, as it means the difference between segregation or integration for millions of disabled citizens as well as many senior citizens for whom LTSS reform may be what keeps them out of a nursing home and living a life of dignity. Health care reform that fails to include this issue is health care reform that fails to meet the needs of over 50 million Americans with disabilities.

You can read the rest here.

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