Friday, May 15, 2009

COOL-ER than a Kindle?

Check it out for yourself and decide.

A new ebook device called the COOL-ER is being released in about two weeks with a much lower price than the Kindle. Although it lacks the ability to download books over the airwaves (using the drag/drop method on either a PC or a Mac), it does allow a reader to change font size, is a smaller size, comes in various colors (appealing to younger users) and employs a landscape mode. No text to speech mode, but with Random House yanking rights yesterday, not sure having that on the Kindle does anyone much good.

One other thing- the reviewer says the books cost more for this ebook reader than the Kindle books, but one good thing is that there isn't a waiting list anticipated.

Oh and did I mention it costs around $250?

Here's a walkthrough for my tech-y readers. Or go ahead and read the CrunchGear review.

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