Friday, February 13, 2009

Service dog organization needs your help

Meet Nala.

Nala is a Susquehanna service dog that my friend Greg who blogs over at Pitt Rehab has had for almost nine years. He writes this morning about the independence she gives him and says he heard from the director of the program that their annual fundraiser is in trouble since some sponsors withdrew due to the economy. Greg asks that

if you're able to make any donation no matter how small it would do so much good for so many people. Please visit their website to make a donation ! Another way you can help is to forward this to individuals you feel would like to contribute.

[Nala, shown in the photo, is a black lab sitting in a field of grass,wearing a light purple scarf with a tag that reads Susquehanna Service Dogs. Their logo is shown, a stick figure of a person in a wheelchair with arms upraised and a black service dog beside him/her.]

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Greg said...

I really appreciate you putting this on your site! Your great friend, thanks so much.